Product Range

ARS are the experts when it comes to making the most of available space by designing unique solutions. ARS can supply systems purposely made to suit your requirements. Discover our product range and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Vehicle Drainage Systems

The draining of used vehicles includes equipment and systems for the complete removal of liquids such as gasoline and diesel, waste oil, coolant, brake fluid and coolant but also LPG and UREA. The systems are continuously developed and perfected. From site planning to individual systems and service – SEDA is your partner.

Management Software

AUTOMIZE is a software designed for the car recycling industry. It helps to manage and navigate everything throughout the business.

Storage Tank Systems

ARS has developed cost effective systems to store and manage hazardous and non-hazardous liquids extracted from ELVs. The tanks were designed to meet international standards for storing hazardous and flammable liquids.

Multi Dismantling Machines

The Kobelco Multi-Dismantling machine allows auto recyclers to separate the recyclable materials quickly and easily.

Hydraulic vehicle lifts

ARS has been actively involved the design, manufacture and testing of lifts to suit applications in the Auto Recycling Industry. It can recommend and supply the best type of vehicle lift for your facility.

Storage Systems

A more efficient ELV storage solution establishes order, cleanliness and makes keeping track of your ELVs easier.

Catalytic Convertor Cutters

The ideal solution for removing catalytic converters, electrical cables, exhaust systems and other automobile parts.


Sumac was established in 2011, specialized in tire rubber recycling and metal recycling industries. In 2015, SUMAC cooperated with ARS (Australia) to design and manufacture ELV recycling and dismantling equipment.
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